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Kristy Sarausky

Kristy Sarausky is a Grey-Area Drinking Recovery Coach and Mother Wound Mentor. She is passionate about bringing her lived experience in both of these areas to help other women reduce shame, start being honest about their experiences, and live more authentic lives.


Her work focuses on helping people identify and unshame feelings as they explore the role they want alcohol - and family - to play in their lives.


By openly sharing about her own experiences of using wine to cope with the stress of being a human and having a dysfunctional relationship with her mother, she creates space for others to do the same without judgment. 


Kristy has a Master’s Degree in Adult Education and received her Recovery Coaching training from the Connecticut Community for Addictions and Recovery. She lives in Ontario with her spouse and two children. She works with clients individually and in groups and provides professional services to various industries looking to support their staff. To connect with her at and learn more at 

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