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In-Person Workshops

Smaller group, interactive learning sessions held on-site at the conference venue.

Workshops are only available live and in-person this year. There are no virtual or recorded workshops. 

 Premium Conference Package


Attendees who purchase the Premium Conference Package will have their choice of three workshops, plus meals (continental breakfast, light lunch, and afternoon snack) and coffee for workshop day, included in their registration price. You may select one workshop per timeslot.​

Essential Conference Package

Attendees who purchase the Essential Conference Package will have the option to purchase individual workshops. The cost per individual workshop is $175.00 + tax. Meals and coffee are not included with the Essential Conference Package. If you plan on attending more than two workshops, we recommend the Premium Conference Package. ​

For an overview of the Workshop Schedule, click here

Timeslot One / 9:30am - 11:30am AT 
Workshop Tile (Peg_Kids).png
Workshop Tile (Maureen Cunningham).png
Workshop Tile (Yui & Rosenberg).png
Timeslot Two / 12:30pm to 2:30pm AT
Workshop Tile (Dr. Tracy Dalgleish).png
Workshop Tile (Dr. Zayna Khayat).png
Workshop Tile (Peg_Adults).png
Timeslot Three / 3:00pm to 5:00pm AT
Workshop Tile (Joanna Faber).png
Workshop Tile (Dr. Nathalie Gamache).png
Workshop Tile (Alison Foo).png
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