Tara Rhodes

Tara Rhodes is a certified life and leadership coach, a speaker and an award-winning facilitator and trainer. She is dedicated to helping people gain the clarity and confidence to advocate for the life they want to live, and subsequently supporting the development of healthy habits to make that a reality. She firmly believes that life is too short to live a life that makes you unhappy, and is on a mission to help her clients take control of their lives so they can share their unique gifts with the world. A wife and mom to two lively boys, she actively practices what she preaches to maintain a healthy balance and presence in her every day. 

Putting the Care in Caregiver:
The Keys to Coping as a ‘Sandwich Generation’ Parent

Saturday June 4 | 9:15am - 10:15am PST

Being a parent is, in a word, HARD! Being a parent as a member of the Sandwich Generation is even harder. Of course, there is so much joy in the relationship you have with your children and your parents. And, trying to keep everyone emotionally and physically stable all while making sure the basics of life are provided can make parenthood an extremely exhausting role. 


What if you could get a handle on the way you approach the way you take on caregiving, and enlist help along the way? 


During this session, you will understand: 

  • The pressures and unique challenges of being a 'Sandwich Generation' parent

  • How wellness is integral to caregiving

  • The keys to caring for yourself while still thriving in your work life

You will walk away with real methods that you can implement your mental, physical and emotional well-being right away. 

Learning Objectives

​By the end of the session, the participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the unique challenges of being a member of The Sandwich Generation

  • Identify the immediate and lasting pressures of the pandemic, including the exacerbation of the ‘she-cession’ and its effects on working mothers

  • Design coping strategies from a wellness perspective, including mindset, self-care and community resources