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Tana Bullock

Tana is the lead for office ergonomics assessments and services in the greater Vancouver area.

Tana has been a part of the MoveSafe team for over 12 years. Her background in Disability Management helps her understand the consequences of sustained unhealthy posture and movement habits. Tana is focused on applying her knowledge to help prevent injury to avoid the unwanted circumstance of having employees struggle to return to normal work and home life.

Tana enjoys the preventative aspect of her work that allows her to combine her

Kinesiology education and coaching skillset. She educates her clients on their workstation set-up as well as teaches them the proper posture and movement habits necessary for working in the latest office environments. When she is not politely nagging folks about proper posture and teaching them how to (finally) set up their office chair, Tana is probably out running or shuttling her kids to and from their many extra-curricular activities.

Improving your Workday Comfort

Friday June 3 | 10:30am - 11:15am PST

The presentation provides participants with knowledge on how to set themselves up in their workspace, including how to sit with good posture and how to position the monitor, keyboard and mouse appropriately. The presentation will also highlight the importance of safe ergonomic behaviors and coach participants through a short exercise routine which can easily be performed throughout the course of a workday.  

  • Prepare & Maintain the Body. 

When working in an office, it is important that workers interrupt static postures throughout the workday with appropriate Movement Break exercises to combat the challenges of static postures.

  • ‘Big 3’ Healthy Posture and Movement Habits. 

MoveSafe has distilled healthy posture and movement habits into 3 simple concepts that we call the ‘Big 3’.  When performing seated work, this means keeping the shoulders anchored against the backrest of the chair, having feet supported on the floor or a footrest to create a stable base and using a hip hinge movement when getting up from a seated position. 

  • Prepare the Work Area and Equipment.  

Implementing ergonomics principles to ensure the work area is set up and equipment is adjusted to fit can make it easier to implement healthy postures and movements at work. MoveSafe training guides workers on how to correctly adjust and position chairs, monitors, keyboards, mice, and other desktop accessories. Participants will learn how to resolve simple equipment issues, as well as ergonomics considerations around work area layout and environment. 

Learning Objectives

  • Prepare & maintain the body by carrying out Movement Break exercises in order to interrupt static postures throughout the workday and combat challenges of static postures

  • Recall and implement the ‘Big 3’ Healthy Posture and Movement Habits  

  • Implement ergonomic principles around work area layout and environment in order to resolve simple equipment issues, implement healthy postures, and movements at work.