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Is Black Really your Best Neutral?

In-Person Workshop | Friday May 19 | 12:30pm - 2:30pm EST

In both life and business, first impressions leave a lasting impact. What you wear, and the colours you choose, tells the world a story. The good news is, you get to write it!  


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Suzanne Colmer

As one of Canada's premiere style and image consultants, Suzanne Colmer works with her clients to bring clarity and cohesiveness into their everyday wardrobes. She specializes in closet cleanses that help you love your clothes and have them love you back, size inclusive personalized shopping and curated capsule wardrobes that allow you to buy less and wear more. Often sought out by the media as a Canadian style expert, Suzanne has been featured locally on Global TV, and CBC and in the Globe and Mail and globally as Toronto's style consultant with Tourism Toronto. 

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