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Stacey Flowers

Stacey Flowers is an American entrepreneur, motivational speaker, writer, and coach. 
Known for her captivating display of excellence and magic from the stage, Stacey Flowers is a powerful blend of energetic wisdom, charisma, and sharp intellect. 
Determined to build a life of success and incomparable joy after becoming a teenage mother, Stacey was first a student of what she now teaches. Her personal charge: to influence amazing people to be even more amazing by discovering and maximizing their personal power. 

She has a reputation for inspiring personal revolutions of change and unapologetic boldness in people around the world. Stacey’s self-development approach promotes creating change from the inside out.  Leaving audiences across the globe feeling educated, liberated, and entertained, with her truth and tactics on how to heal your heart in order to reshape your mind so you can rebuild your life.  

The 5 People You Need to Be Happy, her TEDx Talk that amassed over a million views on YouTube, delivers the best of both worlds: compelling storytelling that emotionally connects and insightful truths that birth a desire for more wholehearted, intentional living. 

Listed “#1 of Top 10 Best Female Motivational Speakers” by Resource Selling, the Stacey Flowers brand is distinguished by her uncommon talent for addressing issues of humanity with a deep sense of compassion and practicability that encourages individual transformation. She’s appreciated by her quarter of a million online communities, most for her fresh, unechoed perspective and relatedness.  

Her business acumen and savviness are supported by her MS in Human Resources from Loyola University Chicago and BA in Paralegal Studies from the College of Saint Mary.  Chicago, IL, her favorite city in the world, is home. Time with family, delectable food, tempting wines, brilliant books, and Beyoncé concerts are how she loves to relax and recharge.  


Off the stage, her greatest teacher and deepest source of pride is her adult son, Rakim (pronounced Rah-Kim).

The Five Key People You Need in Your Life to Succeed & Be Happy

Friday June 3 | 9 - 10 am PST

Happiness is a precursor to success and good relationships are a precursor to happiness. Strong connections enable you to stay relevant and responsive to your work-life needs even in uncertain times. The 5 Key People® is a simple and effective way to cultivate emerging relationships, connect with new people, and leverage your network, so you can experience greater joy, fulfillment, and harmony in all areas of your life.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the five key people they need to create real happiness in their personal and professional life

  • Leverage their current network to acquire new professional skills and deepen social relationships 

  • Explore the connection between happiness and sustainable success in career and life