Kira Stevens

Kira is the CEO and founder of Kreativ Beauty. She is a professional makeup artist, well-known brow specialist in Victoria, BC and was an agency represented model. She possesses 15 years’ worth of experience working in beauty.

Kira founded the company in order to connect with other artists, and provide the most comprehensive mobile bridal hair and makeup services on Vancouver Island. In just two seasons, Kira has grown Kreativ Beauty into an award-winning household brand with a reputation for exellency.

Hello! We are Kreativ Beauty. A professional team of hair and makeup artists in Victoria BC that specializes in bridal and events. It’s no secret that the “natural glam” look is one of the most sought-after looks worldwide. With over 200 weddings in a season, this look is still Kreativ Beauty’s most requested looks for our artists. 


Mar Groot

Mar Groot is a professionally trained hair and makeup artist with 20 years experience working in the beauty industry. She has worked in multiple capacities over the course of two decades, as a hairstylist behind the chair and salon owner, and as an entrepreneur - building a creative beauty agency and working as a professional photographer. Mar brings a multi-faceted approach to beauty. Being an educator is at her core.

Learning the basics of looking your best so you can feel your best: Polished, professional and confident 

Live, In-Person Workshop | Thursday June 2 | 12:45pm - 2:15pm PST

We are excited to teach you the basics of achieving the ultimate natural glam, the “you, but elevated” look that will make your confidence soar and heads turn. We also recognize that “natural” looks and means different things to the individual, which is why we will teach the basic techniques as well as suggest ways to personalize and make the look uniquely you, both for your hair and makeup. Kreativ Beauty owner and CEO, Kira Stevens and Lead Hair Artist and Beauty Pro, Marion Groot are excited to share over 20 years of knowledge and classic techniques with you that will transcend time and trends. Here is a closer look at what they will be teaching.


The Basics: Keep it simple - then personalize! 


Learning the basics of looking your best and ideas on how to personalize it and make it you!


We know that as medical professionals, you have limited ways to present yourself physically.  Hair, and makeup is one of the only things you can have to express yourself. Even if it’s just your eyes, and hair we will teach you the basic techniques on how to dress them up to be beautiful, polished yet professional. 
Discover your signature look - We will teach you the basics of application techniques of: skin, eyes, brows and lips and hair - and doing it well, so that you can then decide and develop what matters and means something to you or makes you feel like the best version of you.


5 Days of Hair: 5 day routine of hair care and easy, professional looking styles!


We will be outlining and teaching a week long hair routine to get you through the week that you can adapt when in shift work. Just like some people meal plan to make the routine of eating easier, we have a hair plan to help you through the week that progressively gets easier! Wether your hair is curly or pin straight. Everyone can gain knowledge from this.



The ldeal Essentials: Makeup, Hair and Skin: 


We will go over our must-haves to achieve the looks we demonstrate. We will also create a page for recommended products and services for you to discover and shop so we don’t leave you without the tools to achieve your preferred looks!


Q + A Time! 


We learn so much by asking questions and opening up discussion around beauty: both around techniques and philosophy. With over 20 years in the industry, Kira and Marion will answer any and all your questions and look forward to discussing the importance of beauty as self-care.


*Kira and Marion will be demonstrating on two different models and the workshop will be 2 hours long so come prepared to sit back, relax and learn!