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It’s not about the food!

 In-Person Workshop | Friday May 19 | 3:30pm - 5:30pm 

Tired of struggling with your eating or weight? Tired of not knowing how to better help your patients who do? This workshop will help you understand what the weight struggle is really about. You’ll leave with actionable tools to help yourself, your patients, or both.


Katrina Ubell

Katrina Ubell, MD is a pediatrician and master certified life and weight loss coach. She struggled with her own weight for decades before finding a permanent solution. In 2016, she founded Weight Loss for Busy Physicians, which offers a weight loss program that has helped over 1,500 women physicians.


Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this workshop participants will be able to:

● Describe the primary drivers of weight loss and weight gain.
● Explain how emotions and personal life context drive overeating and how to combat this.
● Describe the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger.​

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