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Jennie Aitken

Jennie works with emerging physician leaders across British Columbia as an educator, team-builder and (to the dismay of her colleagues) an “idea-generating-machine” that is constantly looking to the next big opportunity to affect positive change. She holds Masters Degrees in [Medical] History (Queen’s University) and Dispute Resolution (University of Victoria) and is a sought-after speaker and facilitator for health care audiences across Canada. When she’s not waving around post-it notes (she manages to do this on Zoom, too) you can usually find her on her mountain bike or chasing her toddler.

From FOMO to JOMO: Discovering the Joy of Missing Out

Live In-Person Workshop | Thursday June 2 | 3:15 pm - 5:15 pm PST

Chances are, you've gotten to where you are now by saying yes. YES, you'll go to school for a decade (or more). YES, you'll work nights, weekends and holidays. And YES - you'll organize the family weekend, the academic conference and the new fellowship program.


Our culture celebrates saying yes - but behind every yes is often an implicit no to the things that really matter to you. Start off your CWIM Conference experience with a chance to connect with your core values, consider your own “yes/no” patterns and consult with fellow doctors that are challenging the status quo. You'll leave with tools to build your confidence, capacity and courage to decide what you say yes to - and what you joyfully miss out on!

Learning Objectives

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:


  • Describe the social and cultural norms that contribute to overwork and overcommitment in Canadian health care;

  • Reflect on how your own yes/no patterns match (or mismatch!) with your core values; 

  • Apply new tools to help recalibrate what you say yes to – and how to joyfully say “no”!