Jane Stoller

Meet Jane Stoller – a Swiss-Canadian life-biz organizer, speaker, author and university instructor whose passion is in decluttering spaces and organizing business processes. Jane wrote her first book in 2016 to help friends get more organized. It ultimately gained international attention, and this allowed Jane to turn her passion into a profitable business, Organized Jane.

Stoller's global reach has helped thousands gain clarity and get organized with her critically acclaimed books, Organizing For Your Lifestyle: Adaptable Inspirations from socks to suitcases and Decluttering for Dummies (Wiley Publishing). Additionally, Stoller has created a sought-after Business Booster course that helps business owners cut through the clutter and gain back their time, and has been featured on numerous talk shows, podcasts and magazines.

With a proven track record in both the corporate and entrepreneurial realms, Jane has spent the last decade helping unprofitable businesses become profitable. Not only do Jane's strategies impact her clients' work environments, but their personal lives as well, as all organizing processes start with the closet. Her mantra? "The closet sets the mood for the entire day. It's also an ideal place to practice and hone organizing skills that can transfer over to the rest of your organizing goals. Choosing clothes from a laser-focused closet, you're well on your way to a structured, system-driven office space." ́


When Stoller sets down her pen and paper, she puts on her teaching hat. Stoller lectures at Vancouver Island University in Canada for part of the year, helping students learn management skills.


Prior to launching her organizing business, Stoller received both a Masters in International Business from the University of Hertfordshire, and an MBA from Vancouver Island University. She went on to work for he largest cement company in the world, which allowed her to live all over North America and Europe. Jane had an invaluable experience, but decided to make a nerve-wracking jump to entrepreneurship after realizing she wanted to live life to its fullest and follow her passion for organizing.


Stoller is currently writing her third book, teaching, working with individual and corporate clients, and can be found at various speaking events.


Jane also aims to give back to businesses and organizations in her local communities through her passion for education. She is doing pro-bono work for ONE TO ONE, A Children's Literacy Program, by helping them restructure and improve their internal processes, and assisting indigenous children with their schooling on Vancouver Island and the Sea to Sky corridor.


In her spare time Stoller enjoys traveling to exotic destinations, spending time with family, and staying active via skiing as she currently resides in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, and has a secondary home in Exuma, Bahamas.

Organize for Success: Regain Control of Your Office + Life

Saturday June 4 | 2:30pm - 3:30pm PST

"Organizing is a lifestyle that will help you conquer anything".

I know that custom-tailored organizing systems and routines will massively enhance your work and entire life. Organizing is more than just streamlining the "stuff" we own. Instead, it's an integrated approach to organizing all facets of your life, which is guaranteed to reduce stress, increase happiness, and productivity. 

Learning Objectives

​By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify how to gain control of their workday, eliminate hidden time-wasters and boost productivity

  • Define priorities, set deadlines and cut the time required for any project

  • Employ methods for handling competing priorities with minimal stress and no multitasking

  • Illustrate how to organize for efficiency with proven strategies guaranteed to tame the chaos

  • Carry out ways to avoid the pitfalls of perfectionism without sacrificing excellence

  • Apply methods to manage their email, without letting email manage them