Julia Huggett 

Co-owner, Beehive Wool Shop | Victoria

Julia Huggett is the co-owner of Beehive Wool Shop, Canada's oldest yarn shop (in continuous operation since 1906). She joined the shop in 2018, training under the wing of her step-mom and shop owner Valerie Huggett, and is now working to guide the Beehive through the next wave of knitting and retail trends. Julia learned to knit at 8 years old and has knit throughout her life for fashion and relaxation, with a particular love for chunky accessories and statement piece shawls. With a penchant for anxious thinking, Julia knows first hand the importance of knitting as a form of mindfulness and relaxation. 

Introduction to Knitting:
Learn to Knit for Pleasure and Relaxation

Live, In-PersonWorkshop | Thursday June 2 | 12:45 - 2:45 pm PST

Learn the foundational skills of knitting and get started on your first project. You will be supplied with a pattern and resource sheets, needles, yarn, and a cowl already on-the-go. We will teach you the basis of all knitting: the knit stitch and the purl stitch. You will work on your project throughout the session, with multiple instructors available for on-hand instruction if required. Once you have a practical understanding of each stitch, we will briefly touch upon some of the benefits of knitting as a hobby,  as well as feature some knit-spiration in the form of finished samples that you can work towards in future projects. You will leave the session with all your materials, and all the skills and resources needed to finish your cowl at the hotel room or on the plane ride home.