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Claim Your Voice: Influence, Confidence, and Authenticity

Virtual Workshop | Friday May 19 | 3:30pm - 5:30pm EST

Have you found that your voice gets lost in conversation? That people speak over you or your voice doesn’t represent you? And then your credibility goes down, your initiative isn’t supported and/or you’re skipped over for a promotion or leadership role. In this interactive breakout we’ll explore how to claim your physical voice so that it’s honest, authentic, has more power and vocal variation so you show up with confidence and influence for conversations that matter.

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Hilary Blair

Hilary Blair, co-founder ARTiculate: Real&Clear, incorporates her professional voice over and stage training techniques into her re-framing of executive presence and leadership communication. As a trainer, coach, facilitator and speaker, she sees beyond habits and learned behaviors to what is unique and authentic in groups & individuals. Hilary has worked extensively across the globe with a variety of businesses including: AWS, PwC, Maersk, ALCU, Centura Health, Liberty Global, and MD Anderson. Hilary is a CSPTM, Certified Speaking Professional, and is certified in Conversational IntelligenceTM (CIQ), and CultureTalk. She holds an MFA in acting from the National Theatre Conservatory and a BA from Yale University.


Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this workshop participants will be able to:

● Capitalize on an awareness of how your voice impacts the landing of your message
● Carry out authentic connection through breath, voice, and prosody
● Support the power of your presence through your voice

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